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        Safety, Security & Environment

        At Jacobs, we believe the well-being of our people is fundamental to our success. Our passion for safety and our courage to care for one another and our environment inspires mutual respect.

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        BeyondZero Strategy


        BeyondZero strategy (online edition)

        BeyondZero strategy
        (PDF, 8 MB)

        BeyondZero strategy summary (PDF, 2 MB)

        Jacobs EHS Operational Excellence Consulting Services

        Capability statement (605 KB)

        2019 Integrated Annual Report

        BeyondZero Performance

        Jacobs' Climate Action Plan

        Our environmental capabilities

        BeyondZero? is our approach to the health, safety and security of our people, the protection of the environment and the resilience of Jacobs.

        Our vision

        Work must be healthy, safe and secure for our people and our planet. We go beyond our workplace and into our daily lives, creating a safer and healthier future for our families and our communities.

        This is BeyondZero.

        BeyondZero is the foundation of our company's culture of caring and a core part of our values and who we are at Jacobs. We are proud that in our culture, our people go beyond following rules, procedures and processes. Our goal is beyond driving statistics to zero. Although we have made significant progress since we commenced our BeyondZero journey in 2007, our performance can always be better. It is imperative that through our common vision and purpose, we continue to improve together.

        Our approach to BeyondZero

        Our BeyondZero to 2025 and Beyond Strategy and programs drive ambitious, sustained and continuous improvements in our HSE and security performance, lift the wellbeing of our employees and our partners, and increase our business resilience.

        We tackle all types of harm at work. This includes continuing our focus on acute harm associated with high risk activities, while ensuring we are managing wider health risks, including mental health.

        We also focus on achieving better outcomes for our supply partners, especially in industries of greater risk such as construction, work in lesser industrialized nations, or those who are more likely to be engaged in temporary, geographically remote or precarious employment.

        As the future of work becomes a reality and global challenges to our security, wellbeing and ability to operate evolve, we remain focused on managing HSE and security risks effectively and leveraging our culture of caring to deliver the best outcomes for our people, the environment, our company, clients, the community and our partners.


        Positive Mental Health Champions trained to support the mental wellbeing of our employees (FY20)


        reduction in employee recordable incidents
        in FY20

        We believe our enduring commitment to BeyondZero and our culture of caring will make our people and communities safer and healthier, and this is fundamental to our success.
        Steve Demetriou
        Chair and Chief Executive Officer
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