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        Cybersecurity: ? Capabilities Overview ??? Cyber Operations ??? Mission IT & Analytics ??? ISR ??? Jacobs ION


        For the first time in history, security threats have no borders.

        Attackers both inside and outside of networks can cause significant damage. Recognizing this threat, Jacobs works defense, intelligence and law enforcement communities so that?people and information stays protected. Today's environment demands that businesses deliver quality products and services faster and more securely than ever.

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        As customers' and clients’ needs scale, our deep experience and market-leading capabilities result in measurable and progressive security across the organization. Acting as a trusted, impartial advisor, Jacobs guides our customers and clients from a reactive state, to a proactive posture via in-depth understanding of tools, system architecture, threat profiles, behavior analytics and experience. We support prevention and blocking of cyber threats, efficiently decipher the root cause of infiltrations, uncover compromised approaches and data, monitor emerging threats and ensure compliance, all while bridging the gap between technology and mission operations to prepare the warfighter for unconventional warfare in the cyber world.

        Our approach offers effective solutions that can harvest, visualize, link and analyze unstructured data. Jacobs facilitates decision-driven analytics to determine the best representation of data, so it is understandable and quickly digested. We also incorporate both traditional and agile methodologies to produce high-quality, high-level business solutions. Our team of subject matter experts develop and apply identity management and access control systems; enable cross-domain solutions; perform vulnerability analysis and penetration testing; and facilitate the certification and accreditation of the security strength of systems. In addition, unlike most cybersecurity providers, we also tune systems for best performance. With continuous customer and client involvement, Jacobs believes that this leads to a higher level of satisfaction, as well as a more realistic and relevant data strategy and road map that is easily understandable and quickly digested.

        Jacobs’ cybersecurity approach develops strategy implementation plans with goals and milestones along the way, establishes policies and procedures, trains employees on risks and mitigations and ensures compliance. We empower our customers and clients to realize the true value and scalability of mobility within a seamless user experience and an end-to-end security strategy. Jacobs’ teams help develop cybersecurity strategies by determining business goals and outcomes, and then recommending the best path to reach them.

        Jacobs is at the forefront of the most important security issues today. We are inspired to be the best and deliver innovative, mission-focused outcomes that matter to our clients.

        Featured Solution: Jacobs Intelligent Operations Network (ion)


        or more reduction in hazardous incident response time


        increase in productivity, and 30-40% reduction in maintenance costs

        Drones hover over a city

        The ion Platform includes multiple industrial applications that address critical safety, security, compliance and performance needs for analytics, condition monitoring, asset and personnel location, video and workforce mobility – and its open architecture platform has successfully delivered advanced digital solutions in industrial facilities since 2009.

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        At Jacobs, we partner with clients to solve complex challenges overcoming change and disruption. It’s one thing for us to say it, and much better when our thought leaders are able to share their insights and experience. Browse through podcasts, publications, interviews and other stories for more.

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