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        Smart Water Metering Solutions

        Guiding informed and defendable technology decisions and providing smooth project implementation to achieve customer support and lasting business benefits

        Smart water simulation

        As both suppliers and consumers grapple with some of the toughest water challenges yet, heightened demands for better ways to monitor, manage and share data about distributed water will make smart water metering a solution of choice. Smart meters support water management efforts, serve increasingly sophisticated customer demands, and enable operational efficiencies that preserves affordable rates – all while helping to address the world’s water demand and scarcity issues.

        Global market insights predict that the global smart water meters market will experience steady, extensive growth during the next five years. At Jacobs, we’re already proudly supporting our clients throughout their smart metering journey. We work with utilities of all sizes, from 5,000 customer regional-utilities to national providers with well over one?million accounts.

        Our team of global subject matter experts are passionate about understanding the needs of our clients and tailoring our approach to find the right technology for their specific operational and customer needs. Through our work, we strive to solve clients' greatest challenges through digital solutions and organizational transformation for a more connected, sustainable world.

        Jaason Englesmith
        Jacobs Global Technology Leader for Smart Metering


        advanced metering infrastructure projects globally


        total meters to date


        (and counting!) in capital investment


        growth expected?by 2026, reaching $7.3 billion (industry-wide)

        Featured Solution

        How Gwinnett County Uses Smart Meter Data


        What if we showed you how advanced Internet of Things (IoT) sensors and real-time analytics – deployed on one utility’s Jacobs-supported pilot – might help other organizations reduce water loss and deliver savings in energy and cost?

        Discover more

        Recent Experience

        Project experience map

        Our Solutions

        From project definition, vendor selection and stakeholder engagement, to organizational transformation, implementation and benefits realization, we partner with cities and water companies to help them avoid and mitigate unnecessary risk. We serve at their side as an owner’s agent to provide technical guidance throughout the process. Our global experience and operational knowledge mean we can provide useful insight on how advanced metering infrastructure (AMI) systems are evolving and maturing across global regions, while helping our clients make well-informed and sustainable decisions that make sense within their operating environment.

        We provide full-service strategic consulting, economic modeling, procurement and program management services in the smart metering space and are strictly vendor independent. We’re not just the brains behind the technology, we are a long-term partner – one who can advise our clients on the use-case(s) for this technology and deliver benefits long after implementation is complete.

        Smart Water Metering Innovation & Insights

        For More Information, Contact

        Name: Jaason Englesmith

        Title: Global Technology Leader for Smart Metering

        Phone: 408.320.5227

        Email: Jaason.Englesmith@jacobs.com

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