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        At Jacobs, we put people at the heart of our business. We have an unparalleled focus on inclusion, with a diverse team of visionaries, thinkers and doers. We embrace all perspectives, collaborating to make a positive impact.

        Speak up, speak out

        Today is an opportunity to live our values by speaking up and speaking out against injustice. We're committed to driving and achieving real change – creating a tomorrow we can all be proud of, standing together as one.

        Justice and Equality Action Plan

        Advancing Justice and Equality

        Download our Global Action Plan (PDF, 1 MB)

        Jacobs has launched a global Action Plan for Advancing Justice and Equality, which builds on Jacobs’ existing global inclusion and diversity strategy, TogetherBeyond?, and sets actionable initiatives and measurable objectives in the company’s continuing efforts to address embedded and systemic racial inequities.

        Employees initiated the development of the action plan with a team who collaborated alongside Jacobs’ Board of Directors and Executive Leadership Team to outline three key sets of commitments and specific, measurable actions with performance outcomes:

        1. Amplify culture of belonging
        2. Recruit, retain and advance Black employees based on merit
        3. Contribute to structural change in the broader society

        Learn more

        “It was clear from our discussions with the Daughters of Rosie that they share our vision of inclusion and diversity.”
        Steve Meininger
        Jacobs Vice President, Global Operations Management and Facilities Services

        Jacobs Initiates Strategic Partnership to Advance Gender Diversity in the Operations and Maintenance Industry

        Our team is partnering with Daughters of Rosie to recruit and retain skilled, qualified female operators and technicians for our projects.

        Learn more

        Dallas Regional Chamber Q&A Series: Steve Demetriou

        Expounding on our commitment to actionable initiatives and measurable objectives to address embedded and systemic racial inequalities, Chair and CEO Steve Demetriou participated in the Dallas Regional Chamber’s Q&A series to answer questions about Jacobs’ global Action Plan for Advancing Justice and Equality.

        Read the interview

        “We have seen the benefits of a significant increase in gender diversity over the last several years and believe this next phase of our journey — delivering on the Justice and Equality action plan — is critical to our company’s success.”
        Steve Demetriou
        Jacobs Chair and CEO

        “To help senior and frontline leaders initiate difficult conversations on race and discrimination with empathy, Jacobs developed a coaching tool that provides materials to guide teams in honestly addressing the topics.”
        Sharon Jean-Baptiste
        Jacobs Vice President, Mid-Atlantic Growth and Sales

        Member Perspective: Sharon A. Jean-Baptiste, P.E. – The Chamber of Commerce for Greater Philadelphia

        In an article for the Greater Philadelphia Chamber of Commerce, Sharon Jean-Baptiste outlines the steps businesses can take to speak out against injustice and commit to driving change for communities of color.

        Read the article

        Reinventing our Tomorrow:
        8 Positive Actions for Equality

        Chair and CEO Steve Demetriou details eight actions Jacobs is taking to speak up, speak out.

        Read the message

        “As a company we are going to focus on doing our part to get this right, and then we will look more broadly at other things affecting our people and our communities.”
        Steve Demetriou
        Jacobs Chair and CEO

        “Pride month is a time to remind ourselves we can’t be complacent; that we must breathe together or not at all – to celebrate who we are and what we stand for; to remember the names of just a fraction of those we lost to hatred and inexcusable violence...”
        Taggart Hansen
        Co-Executive Sponsor of Harambee
        SVP, Deputy General Counsel and Internal Audit

        Harambee & PRISM: Standing Strong Together

        Co-Executive Sponsor of Harambee and SVP, Deputy General Counsel and Internal Audit Taggart Hansen shares how our Harambee and PRISM networks are standing together.

        Read the message

        Celebrating US Supreme Court's Landmark Decision as #OurJacobs

        Jacobs Chief Legal and Administrative Officer and PRISM Executive Sponsor Joanne Caruso reflects on what yesterday’s milestone U.S. Supreme Court ruling echoes for equality and inclusion.

        Read the message

        “As we have all been seeing and discussing these past few weeks, there is so much more that still needs to be done to ensure basic and fundamental civil and human rights for all.”
        Joanne Caruso
        Jacobs EVP, Chief Legal and Administrative Officer
        Executive Sponsor PRISM network

        “This is our time to affect change. Turn rhetoric into action. Build a new platform as a nation. Create an equal and inclusive future for all.”
        Steve Demetriou
        Jacobs Chair and CEO

        Taking Action for Inclusion. Now.

        Following up to his “speak up, speak out” message, Jacobs Chair and CEO Steve Demetriou shares positive actions for inclusive change.

        Read the message

        Speak Up. Speak Out.

        I remember the day we adopted our son Reggie. He was 14 years old. I couldn’t have been happier or prouder to call him son. I also remember when I had to have ‘the talk.’ Because my son Reggie happens to be black.

        Read the message

        “Standing up for what is right is in our Jacobs culture. It’s who we are.”
        Steve Demetriou
        Jacobs Chair and CEO

        “At Jacobs, we are one global community. Since I started this role, I’ve said, “we are in this together.” And though this phrase has meant different things at different times, I truly mean it – we are in it together.”
        – Shelie Gustafson
        Jacobs Chief HR Officer

        A Message from Chief Human Resources Officer Shelie Gustafson

        Chief Human Resources Officer Shelie Gustafson shares reflections on Jacobs and our values.

        Read the message

        A Message from Jacobs’ Employee Network Groups

        A joint statement from Harambee, ACE, Careers Network, Enlace, OneWorld, Prism, VetNet and Women’s Network.

        Read the message

        “Now more than ever before we must stand united against these inequalities and lay greater emphasis on calling out and eradicating all forms of discrimination where we see it.”

        We Live Inclusion

        At Jacobs, we know that if we are inclusive, we’re more connected, and if we are diverse, we’re more creative. We continue to advance inclusion and diversity to create an environment where all employees can thrive.

        Learn more

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