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        ...we told you that we're drinking the same water the dinosaurs did because there’s no new water on the planet? That by 2025, we’ll see more extreme water scarcity, with two-thirds of the world’s population living in water-stressed regions? That if current usage trends don’t change, the world will have only 60 percent of the water it needs in 2030?

        As global supply and demand for water intensifies, solving the world’s most complex water challenges demands different thinking – and that’s where we come in.

        What if we showed you how connecting smart water grid technologies with the energy grid, helped a city achieve a 20 percent reduction in water consumption – enough to fill 80 Olympic-sized swimming pools? How a groundbreaking potable reuse project is enhancing an at-risk region’s long-term groundwater supply and helping address environmental pressures such as restoration, sea-level rise and saltwater intrusion. And what if we showed you how, with a “One Water” mentality, we’re giving communities, industries and regions the resource they need to flourish and expand?

        Because our global community cannot afford to use water once and dispose of it, especially as fresh water supplies grow scarcer and populations surge. We deliver projects across the entire water cycle focused on balancing social, economic and environmental priorities to:

        • Ensure communities’ access to safe, reliable water supplies.
        • Address the world’s water-energy nexus and push modern sanitation forward to give more people access to clean water and a healthier environment.
        • Balance people, planet and profit to secure reliable, operation-critical water supplies.
        • Move and protect the world’s water with conveyance and storage systems.
        • Enhance operations to protect assets, improve efficiency within their organizations, make wise decisions, and more fully leverage their existing information systems.

        Discover more about our water capabilities


        Top Design Firms - Wastewater Treatment Plants; Sanitary & Storm Sewers?(ENR)


        Top Design Firms - Water Treatment/Desalination Plants; Water Supply (ENR)


        2018 Environmental Business Journal/Climate Change Business Journal awards


        Stockholm Industry Water Award (Stockholm International Water Institute)

        As water issues intensify, so does awareness of the effects of water management decisions. Decisions at one point in the water cycle affect all the others—from water supplies to treatment, conveyance, wastewater treatment, reuse and return to the natural environment. Our expertise across the water cycle puts Jacobs in a unique position to provide outstanding solutions to our clients.
        Peter Nicol
        Jacobs Global Director of Water

        Conveyance and Storage

        Drinking Water and Reuse

        Water Resources


        Digital Water Solutions

        Water Innovations & Insights

        At Jacobs, we partner with clients to solve complex challenges overcoming change and disruption. It’s one thing for us to say it, and much better when our thought leaders are able to share their insights and experience. Browse through podcasts, publications, interviews and other stories for more.

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