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        How to Qualify for U.S. Federal Projects

        1. Jacobs uses the System for Award Management (SAM) website www.SAM.gov as one means of conducting due diligence on its supply chain prior to award of federal subcontracts or purchase orders.
        2. If you are a U.S. HUBzone business, Jacobs also requires a certification from the Small Business Administration. Visit www.sba.gov for certification requirements.
        3. Make sure your business meets federal guidelines for one of the following business types:
          • Small Business
          • Small Disadvantaged Business
          • Women-Owned Small Business
          • HUBZone Small Business
          • Historically Black College/University or Minority Institution (HBCU/MI)
          • Veteran-Owned Small Business
          • Service-Disabled/Veteran-Owned Small Business
          • Alaska Native Corporations (ANCs) and Indian Tribes that have been certified by the Small Business Administration as a Small Disadvantaged Business
          • Alaska Native Corporations (ANCs) and Indian Tribes that are not small businesses
          • Visit www.sba.gov for the guidelines and descriptions of these business types.
        1. Register your business on the Ariba Network.

        We review each opportunity and seek teaming partners that meet our clients’ project needs, diversity goals and firms that bring exceptional value for the opportunities we are pursuing.

        For more information, contact us

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